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DPS-480 Viscose Additive Modifier  |   PVA-88Viscose Denaturing Agent

PVA-88Viscose Denaturing Agent

【Applications】 Additives and denaturing agents, using in the production of viscose staple fibers, Adding PVA-88 can delay decomposition of viscose and reduce ejected from the spinneret fiber puffing. It will be particularly effective for the spinning of viscose staple fiber production process.

【Usage】 PVA-88 cannot be necessary to diluted or can be diluted with 5% -6% caustic soda solution added directly to the viscose, according to cellulose content add-on 0.5% to 2% per ton.

Data Characteristics
Ingredients: poly-ether compound
Concentration : > 85%
Appearance : clear, colorless liquid
Ionicity: Non/cationic
PH value: 8.0 ~ 10.0
(PVA-88 : 5% NaOH = 1:1) Solubility: Excellent


【Storage conditions】The cryogenic storage may be solidification. Heating up about 30℃ and stirring well, then recovering to liquid form.

【Shelf life】12 months in closed original drum

Frost Resistance


24 hours @-17

24 hours @5

24 hours @30

PVA 88

Light-Yellow Solid White Solid

Clear liquid

Clear liquid

【Quality Assurance】

Since 1997, Chosense Group has been certified by the French Standards

Association (AFNOR) through ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System and ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System. Chosense has strict quality control and environmental protection and friendly environment for each product.

【Research &Development】

Chosense Group has a professional R & D team and complete precision analysis equipmentand laboratory, to provide customers with product after-sales service, to research and development of customized special chemicals.