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Responsibility As A Part Of Nature

Premised on minimizing the impact on the environment, Achieve the goal of coexistence of production and ecology.

Reuse mechanism:C-0110、C-0202、D-1599

Reuse element:Industrial grade ammonium sulfate, copper sulfate waste liquid, copper sulfate micro-etching waste liquid, copper nitrate waste liquid, sodium persulfate, copper sulfate, metal sulfide (copper, nickel, zinc, cobalt)

Institution name Waste code Waste name Total license amount (ton/month) Remarks
Jing Bao Chemical Co., Ltd. C-0110 Copper sulfate waste liquid, copper sulfate micro-etching waste liquid 1,400 General case
C-0110 Copper nitrate waste liquid 300 General case
C-0202 Waste sulfuric acid 2,400 General case
C-0299 Nickel waste liquid 185 Individual case
C-0202 Nickel waste liquid 85 Individual case
Joyce Chemical Co., Ltd. D-1599 Ammonium sulfate waste liquid 2,400 General case