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DPS-480 Viscose Additive Modifier  |   PVA-88Viscose Denaturing Agent

DPS-480 Viscose Additive Modifier

【Applications】 Viscose additives improver and activator, applies to all sulfate and sulfite dissolving pulp cellulose-based, can improve the affection of cellulose impregnated alkalizing; For different types of pulp (cellulose), the series of DPS viscose additive modifier are improving the reaction of alkali cellulose in the process of xanthation with CS2, then improves filtration of the viscose and improves spinnability.


  • Dissolving pulp plant can spray 10% DPS-480 diluted before pulp drying.
  • Viscose fiber plant can add DPS-480 to the alkali cellulose in alkali impregnation process or alkali fiber crushing process.
  • Recommended add-on: 0.5 to 2.0 g per kilogram of cellulose.
Data Characteristics
Ingredients: hydrophilic surfactants
Concentration : > 85%
Appearance : clear, colorless liquid
Ionicity: nonionic
Viscosity: 85 ± 15
PH value: 9.0 ± 0.5
Specific gravity: 1.05 ± 0.05

【Packaging】220KG/Iron-drum, 1,100KG/IBC tank

【Storage conditions】The cryogenic storage may be solidification. Heating up about 30℃ and stirring well, then recovering to liquid form.

【Shelf life】12 months in closed original drum.


  • After adding DPS480, the increase of fiber swelling is more conducive to the permeability of caustic soda, even completely destroy the epidermis of fiber. DPS480can greatly improve the cellulose impregnation alkalizing effect, and then can reduce the amount of CS2 used.
Frost Resistance


24 hours @-17

24 hours @5

24 hours @30

DPS 480

White Solid

Clear liquid

Clear liquid