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Jing Bao Chemical Co., Ltd. (Control No. S2012291) is located in Dafa Industrial Zone, Datun District, Kaohsiung City. It is mainly engaged in the treatment of heavy metal waste liquid: for the highly polluting heavy metal waste liquid produced by electronics and electroplating industries, it can be seen by different customers. Plan a tailor-made process, supplemented by precise instrument control and precise calculation of appropriate drugs, effectively control the Concentration of waste liquid, meet wastewater discharge standards, and at the same time reduce sludge production and reduce waste disposal costs. At present, the main professional service projects are the recycling and reuse of copper nitrate waste liquid and copper sulfate waste liquid. The customer level is mainly domestic major electronic manufacturing industry.

Since the application of the copper nitrate recycling experiment in 1994, Jing Bao Chemical continued. Efforts, today's manufacturers with qualifications for the reuse of copper nitrate waste liquid and copper sulfate waste liquid, the recycling utilization is the top in the country, and such results, the company's proud process technology can be said to be indispensable. From the initial development of the experimental case to the steady growth of the current performance, Jing Bao Chemical's excellence in process technology has formed an obstacle that the later practitioners can hardly overcome, and also laid the leading foundation for our recycling of waste liquid.

Technology leadership is certainly the goal of Netbao Chemical's efforts, but the focus on customer service is the core of the company's stable growth. Always placing our customers' needs first is our highest priority, especially in major electronics manufacturers. The most important industrial safety and environmental protection regulations that customers pay attention to, Netbao Chemical is not afraid to slack off, swords and performances. This kind of effort allows us to gain recognition from customers, and this is the perfect driving force for Netcom to move forward.

Business Philosophy:

In today's high environmental awareness, how to meet the current environmental trends of the company's survival and development has always been the focus of the industry, and it is also the reason for the establishment of Jing Bao Chemical. We believe that the way to reuse resources will be environmental protection and resources. And the three parties of the company have created a win-win situation. When the government encourages the reuse of the industry, it has decided to establish "Net Bao Chemical Co., Ltd.". So far, the company's equipment, process, capacity and operation performance have been re-used. The qualification of the case, the company will continue to adhere to the concept of sustainable management, to provide customers with more convenient services, for environmental protection, resources, industry for sustainable development to do more.

General re-use of nuclear

Copper nitrate waste liquid: 600 tons / month Copper sulfate waste liquid: IC process 900 tons / month, PCB process 900 tons / month

Established in 1977 about Joyce Chemical Co., Ltd, it specializes in the research and production of "sodium hydrosulfide" and "sodium sulfide". Through years of professionalism, pursuing quality and pragmatic management style, it has continuously introduced technology and cooperation opportunities to actively extend its reach to special chemicals. Diversified development in areas such as environmentally friendly pharmaceuticals. In 2004, he established Joyce (Jiujiang) chemical Ltd. in Jiangxi Province of China. This enterprise was independently invested by Taiwan "Cashihor Enterprise Co., Ltd.", and introduced the production technology and management mode of Taiwan Joyce Chemical Co., Ltd. to Joyce Chemical Ltd.(Jiujiang of China) Plant, which mainly produces sodium hydrosulfide and sodium sulfide.

Business Philosophy::

Joyce Chemical Co., Ltd. adheres to the concept of common development of the company and the community, and promotes the reduction of waste, resource reuse, environmental improvement and quality of life as the basis for the company's sustainable operation. Humanized management and institutionalized norms are consistent principles within the principle of allowing all employees to efficiently meet various work requirements in a good environment and a safe and secure working environment, and encourage active participation in social welfare activities. Give back to the society with practical actions and fulfill corporate responsibility.