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Group Profile

1968 Cashihor Enterprise Co., Ltd.

The parent company of the Group was established as a Zhongxing company in 1968. It initially specialized in the analysis of reagents and physical and chemical equipment, and was supplied to research institutes, school laboratories, and factory R&D departments. In 1971, it increased its capital to Zhongxingxing Co., Ltd. and began to import and export related chemical products.

1972 Joyce Chemical Co., Ltd.

2004 Joyce (Jiujiang) Enterprise Ltd.

2020 Joyce (Jiangxi) Environment Technology Ltd.

In 1972, Joyce Chemical Co., Ltd. was established to start making bleaching powder. In 1977, Qiaoxu Company was attacked by Typhoon Solomon and the factory was completely destroyed and rebuilt. In the same year, the company increased its capital to establish Qiaoxu Co., Ltd., and transformed it into the field of recycling. It started from the recycling and processing of the waste alkali liquor of Taiwan Chemical Fiber Plants under the Formosa Plastics Group, and manufactured sodium hydrosulfide (NaHS), sodium sulfide (Na2S) and metal trapping agent. Heavy metal chelating agents and derivatives have been working hard to reduce waste, recycle resources and improve the environment. The products have been well recognized by the international industry.

1990 Jing Bao Chemical Co., Ltd.

In the early 1990s, a large amount of heavy metal waste liquid was produced in the electroplating industry and the electronics industry. Therefore, in 1992, Jing Bao Chemical Co., Ltd. was established as a resource recycling plant to deal with the copper nitrate waste liquid of the hot industry PCB factory. At the same time, Jing Bao Chemical Co., Ltd. is committed to research and development of high COD and heavy metal waste liquid recycling. It is also suitable for the current environmental awareness awareness and play its role. The results are willing to share and research together with interested parties. Achieve the goal of "creating a friendly environment and improving the quality of life".

2010 Ming Bin Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Ming Bin Enterprise Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the provision of international trade, transportation, logistics, distribution, storage, packaging (including barrel filling), customs declaration, warehousing, and other professional services. The company can also provide customized storage management, circulation processing, container disassembly, tank truck, unloading and filling barrel labeling and other related services according to customer needs. Ming Bin Company has a qualified fire safety system and self-provided generator system and senior professional supervisors to provide customers with a professional safety management and quality service environment that can meet the needs.

2012 Smart Horse International Co., Ltd.

Established in 2012, Smart Horse International Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned relationship enterprise of Zhongxing Group, which is mainly engaged in the manufacture of special chemicals and the import and export of petrochemical products.